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PROGRESS 21 is a leading DMC in Poland, expert in management of: MICE, sport events, musical & special interest tours.

PROGRESS 21 is the de facto standard in all facets of travel and MICE industry in Poland.  While the industry evolves, and the environment changes, PROGRESS 21 is able to not only adapt quickly to changes, but also deliver regardless of the circumstances. Engaging in all elements of the industry, with the results that speak for themselves. Driven not only by achievement but also from the satisfaction that comes from another successful event.

Taking the particulars that are the fundamentals of your needs, with the details that may require an extra step, or more so the complexity of the request, and ensuring its fulfilled is the only resolution. Solutions that bring the customer to the pinnacle of potential, the thrill of the event, the sounds of the harmonies, the aroma of the meal, and the sights of a lifetime. These are what drives us. Using years of experience, connections, site inspections, we can make that event "special", we can make that event "extraordinary" and we can make that event affordable.

No task is too big nor too small. Music, Sporting Events, Culture, Art, Leisure... at PROGRESS 21 its our life. We live it, we breathe it, and we make sure you do as well. No matter the level, no matter the toll, the end result is the same, reaching your goal. 
Everyday another satisfied client, this drives us, makes us strong.  

Jet Flying? Limousine riding? Or maybe an exclusive opera concert in a charming castle? Refined dinner in the underground salt chamber? You no longer are dreaming, the reality is here.




ul. Smyczkowa 12/42
02-678 Warsaw, Poland
tel.: (+48 22) 853 79 55
fax:  (+48 22) 853 79 56

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