Armed with its outstanding professional acumen and a wealth of experience we will draw your events to the highest creativity level!

From small company anniversaries to big international parties, sport events, product launches and festivals, all of our events are designed and realized with maximum vision and care. Here every detail has a strong meaning. It must be brought up to the absolute perfection, because it reflects your and your company’s brand! Irreproachable logistics, spectacular venues, entertainment programs and finally top advanced techniques, they all enable us to orchestrate your most extraordinary events!




IBB Andersia Poznań




Wherever it takes place: in a top modern conference hall, in a spectacular underground venue or in a fabulous castle, a professional meeting arrangement must fulfill the whole range of specific requirements. Top professional venues, modern conference equipment and friendly, infallible service are the crucial factors that decide about the successful meeting; whilst the precisely designed accompanying programs, themed tours and exquisite evening attractions offer the meeting with soul, authenticity and charm specific for our destination.


Our goal is to provide you with the best client-tailored conference services and to assure you a perfect environment for productive work and successful realization of your meeting’s objectives.




The essential of the successful incentive travel is a huge emotional charge it brings with it. PROGRESS 21 is always looking for new, fascinating activities and venues in order to provide you with the most innovative incentive travel concepts. Our goal is to offer you the highest intellectual, esthetic and pleasurable experience that will open your mind to the new, undiscovered areas. We strive to realize your most beautiful dreams and to reach your true emotions! Our way to achieve it is to combine all crucial inspirational and recreational elements into one perfect entirety.  Spectacular venues, creative incentive programs, speeches, awards, exquisite cuisine, musical background and finally creative team-building activities, all of them must harmonize and strongly impress.


PROGRESS 21 has a priceless experience in client-tailored incentive travel. During the past years we have successfully realized over hundred top incentive projects for the most prestigious international insurance and investment companies, banks, pharmaceutical consortiums and others.











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