Musical Tours

Opera Wrocławska, fot. M. Grotowski


PROGRESS 21 specializes in the organization of fabulous musical tours in Poland. This specific kind of cultural tourism requires not only long experience, but also high-level musical knowledge and deep expertise.



Poland offers huge possibilities in musical area. Several opera houses, musical theaters and philharmonics attract music-lovers from all over the world thanks to their high artistic level and interesting, worthy programs. They cooperate not only with excellent Polish artists but also with the biggest international stars.


 Opera Wrocławska, Opowieści Hoffmanna, Scena Grupowa, fot. M. Grotowski





Poland is a host of several festivals which are held each year in the biggest cities of the country. The most important are the Beethoven Festival and the Mozart Festival in Warsaw. Worth recommending are also huge open-air opera productions organized regularly by the Wrocław Opera.


Our aim is to create beautiful, client-tailored musical tours in which the musical program harmonizes with carefully selected city tours, hotels and charming restaurants.


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