About Poland

In the last twenty years Poland has been developing with impressive dynamism to become a modern, booming country. Our membership in the EU since 2004 has accelerated the economical and cultural growth.
In parallel with all crucial economical transformations, the MICE sector has been established here. PROGRESS 21’s team have taken a leading role in its foundation.

Poland is a perfect destination for MICE industry and high quality tourism. First of all the country is opened up to the world. Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław, Poznań and Gdańsk – the most famous Polish cities offer perfect air connections with most countries of the world.


An extensive range of deluxe, stylish hotels, top class restaurants, modern-equipped conference halls and spectacular venues provide ideal conditions for organizing successful congresses, meetings, incentives and events.


But it is also an enormously rich cultural heritage that makes Poland attractive for visitors. The Polish state has existed for over thousand years. Numerous towns, dating back to the Middle Ages, witnessed the turbulent but so fascinating history of the country on the Vistula banks! Many sites figure on the UNESCO heritage list thanks to their charm and historical value.

Remarkable is a big cultural complexity  of Poland. It is perfectly visible in architecture, music, cuisine, but also in the art of living. Beautiful palaces, castles and monasteries evoke splendor of the old ages, whilst numerous theatres, opera houses and galleries invite to the precious world of art…




Undeniable charm of Poland comes also from its beautiful, untouched nature. Idyllic landscape enchanters  visitors and allows them to relax from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, among friendly, openhearted people.

There are so many ways of discovering Poland! You can explore it with your spirit, intellect and all of your senses!


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