Polish Cuisine is an unquestionable highlight worth to experience! Here the quintessence of the rich Polish tradition blends with the newest trends, creativity and lightness so much appreciated by today’s gourmands. Polish bread, sausages, cottage hams, chocolates and other specialties are conquering the world’s markets thanks to their natural ingredients, untainted by the artificial additives characteristic of mass production.





Besides traditional specialties, Poland offers excellent international cuisine. Exquisite dishes prepared by the greatest masters of culinary art are served with noble wines carefully selected by professional sommeliers.



Thanks to its long tradition and noteworthy achievements, Poland became a world-famous producer of the highest quality vodkas. “Chopin” and “Belvedere” – the most exclusive brands, belong to the strict leaders among the best alcohols of the world and are widely appreciated by the greatest connoisseurs. Also Polish flavored spirits, like the famous “Bison Grass Vodka” and “Drinking Honey”, hold an important position in the precious alcohol’s world.


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