Would you like to see a wonderful city, lying majestically on the banks of the Vistula, interlaced with lush parks and slender church towers?

Would you like to see the subtle mosaic of narrow streets where even the sunbeams ramble and delay?

Would you like to plunge into the colorful, lively mixture of marquees, glowing booths and restaurants fragrant with oriental spices, gathered at the foot of the royal castle hill?

Perhaps you will take a morning stroll through the cozy streets and alleys where each building is a monument and each rock will tell you the history of this millenary metropolis?

Then you will feel that you are in Krakow, arch-Polish city, old Capital of Poland which, being a privileged witness of history, saw the splendor of kings’ coronations and solemn funerals. It was proud to receive powerful European monarchs and exotic merchants from distant lands.

You will find yourself in a beautiful city, where street painters bring to their canvases  sumptuous palaces and romantic café-gardens.

And whilst you are there, listen carefully to the city’s melody... perhaps you will hear the legendary dragon’s rumble and the clanging sword of his pursuer Prince Krak...      





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