Picturesquely situated on the banks of the Motława River, just near its mouth to the Baltic Sea, Gdańsk is a city-symbol, strongly connected with the crucial events of contemporary Europe.

Its truly cosmopolite spirit, openness to the world and huge tolerance allowed people of different nationalities and religions to live here pacifically for long centuries. It was just here, at the famous Gdańsk Shipyard, where the Solidarity movement was founded and Lech Wałęsa began his victorious and amazing way to democracy!

It was a cradle of huge transformations, a glorious beginning of the new, better reality, not only for Poland but also for the whole central-east Europe.




Today’s Gdańsk enchants with beauty of its renaissance tenement houses and picturesque harbor architecture. Glamorous shop-windows, luxurious restaurants and hotels attract visitors from all over the world whilst a cheerful bustle of colorful, multinational crowd fills up the romantic alleys of the Old Town.



So, please feel invited. Come to Gdańsk and experience the exuberant atmosphere of the old hanseatic port…



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