Sport Events

PROGRESS 21 specializes in management of international sport events. Our know-how and long experience guarantee the highest services levels and satisfaction of our clientele. We are handling all kind of sport events, providing services for teams, VIP’s, sponsors, press and supporters.


Our main specialization is football event managements. We had a pleasure to work for the most prestigious European football teams, like English National Team, and famous football clubs like: Manchester City, Celtic Glasgow, Glasgow Rangers, Tottenham Hotspur, Blackburn Rovers and many others.


Thanks to this priceless experience we could get acquainted with the most specific and detailed requirements of the football teams and became a deeply professional sport partner.




Great success of Poland during EURO 2012 - growing MICE potential!!!


The European Football Championship 2012 has proved to be a great success of the Polish and Ukrainian duet!


Poland has reached the acme of its destination potential dealing with one of the most prestigious international events! That was an unprecedented test of efficiency, friendliness and IMPECCABLE ORGANIZATION!!


While the emotions calm down, there comes a time for recapitulations, estimations and plans for the future!!!  Poland got new wind in its sails! A LONG LASTING VALUE has emerged from our efforts and creative struggles!


Modern infrastructure, impressive stadiums, new hotels, restaurants and venues – all of that has transferred the country to another quality level! This priceless approach was a quantum leap in the client service and growing up the destination attractiveness!


But then there appeared something more, a short but definite “click” in our heads, a sudden conviction that we simply CAN DO GREAT THINGS! 


Positive comments streaming out from the European media, unforgettable ambience during the whole tournament and finally enthusiastic feedback from thousands of fans, all of that encourages and grows appetite for more… FANTASTIC EVENTS IN POLAND!!!


PROGRESS 21 DMC Poland was strongly involved in this unusual event. We had a pleasure to create fantastic incentive programs and events focused around the best football matches and enriched with exclusive incentive attractions. Our clientele – the best reputable international agencies and companies – was impressed by the quality of service and the attractiveness of the hosting cities.


PROGRESS 21 will be pleased to assist you with your new destination research and will help you to organize a wonderful incentive trip, meeting or event in Poland!!!






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